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Welcome to our site,

We are so glad for showing your interest to become a part of our mission.

We cover basically YouTubers, Entrepreneurs, Influencers &, etc. as well. 

Now, we are on a mission to explore our journey with them as well. We prepared a list of 500 New Influencers & YouTubers of India who are working well in their niche. Probably a few of them will appear as YouTube Star & Famous Influencer in the future.

We will short this list into a list of about 50 Influencer or YouTubers only. & we will upload the biographies of these final listed persons.

Advantages of the Biography on the Web:


Personal Branding:

A biography on the third party platform, shows the value & popularity of the brand. It is a hidden machine of personal branding. Sites published a biography on you. It looks amazing. You know very well. How much is it worth? 

Brand Value:

When a person sees these types of things, he easily trusts you & his fear will be below. There will be a higher chance to pay you more. Thus, it can be said to be a lead generation machine also. Again, It’s big worth.

Satisfied Fans:

Most of the artists do not have a biography/ success journeys web which leads their fans unsatisfied as they are not able to find all the information about their favorite artist. After publishing the biography, they will always have a platform where they can know the latest & true information about your life. (Again, it has a big worth.) 

More Potential Projects/ Sponsorship:

These things will work as a magnet for you. You have the huge chances to get more potential clients than the previous clients. On the other side, you also can use the biography to get more potential on your behalf. (Worth: No Limit)

Product Selling:

You can sell your products in the biography. But we are concerned about the user interface. So, there will be a limit to it.

Additional Bonuses:

Unlimited Updation:

We want to work only with genuine YouTubers/ Influencers Who have a long vision about their journey. So we can believe that you will keep growing your records & success. And on the other side, we will always be ready to update these records in your biography.

All SMM Links:

There will be all your Social Media Profile links in the biography as well. So that visitors can visit your SMM profiles.

Embedding SMM Posts:

We will embed posts of your SMM profile on the biography. People can also visit your profile by these embedding posts.

Ranking on Google First Page:

Our site’s Having many biography blogs rank on Google’s first page. There are huge chances of getting ranked your biography on the first page if it uploads on our site. So that people will not get problems searching your biography on the web. (Worth: 4999/- Rs. & More)

Note: Our blog ranking pictures are given below at the end.

Announcements & Events:

In the future, if you have any plan to organize any type of events & announcements, we will provide a separate basic page on our site. You will not need to search for any other platform. It will be totally free. (Worth: 9999/- Rs & More)

Book a Consultancy:

Many people want to connect personally for your tips & guidence. We can provide this facility with this platform. You can use this consultancy program charge-free or paid according to you.

As we said above about our mission to explore our journey with you, we will select only 50 Influencers out of 500 influencers. This final 50 influencers list will remain for one year. After one year, It can be updated with replacing YouTubers according to their performance. 

Maintainance Fee:

Selected YouTubers have to pay a Maintenance fee;

Maintenance Fee (Annually): 999/-

Note 1: If your biography is removed from our site for any reason. The Maintenance Fee will refund you without any deduction.

Note 2: If the biography is published on our site. The YouTubers/ Influencers only can update this & they will not be able to delete it. Deletion rights are reserved by theidealthought.com Team.

Process for participation in this:

Step 1: According to our research, many YouTubers/ Influencers don’t like to publish much information about them. So, you have to confirm to us that you are ready to share your biography on the web.

Step 2: After the confirmation, We will select 50 Influencers among the confirmation queries.

Step 3: We will send you a confirmation letter. You will get a payment link through it. When the payment will be done. You have to send us transaction details.

Step 4: We will send you a format for providing your success journey/ bio details. You have to fill this & send us as soon as possible.

Step 5: When we will receive your biography details. We will design it with embedding content & all. Afterwards, we will upload it to our site.

Q & A:

YouTubers can also upload their videos about their journey. Then why does a YouTuber prefer TheIdealThought?

Ans: YouTube videos can’t be updated in the future. It will not always be the latest biography. On the other side, we will regularly update the blog. So, it will always remain the latest & new.

Why work with theidealthought.com?

Ans. Theidealthought.com upload biographies consistently. Many blogs are ranked in the top 10 searches on google. & we provide additional bonuses for you (mentioned above).

Which type of information has to provide to theidealthought.com for biography?

Ans: We already uploaded some biographies on our site. Kindly check these biographies. You have to provide the same information as well. If you are uncomfortable providing any information. It will be blank space in the blog.

Why is it paid:

Ans: There will be a very low maintenance fee. There are some expenses for uploading a blog as well. So, it is paid. Some expenses are given below & there are also other hidden expenses;

  • Blog designing
  • Content writing
  • Team
  • Website maintenance
  • Yearly maintenance of your blog. There will be unlimited updates.
  • Photo designing, etc.

On the other hand, you can increase your revenue by using it. So, it can be said none charge against our facilities & your benefits.

Can it be free?

Ans: No, it’s not possible.


Kindly get in touch for further steps & any other queries.

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E-mail: team.theidealthought@gmail.com


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