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Zach Choi Wiki 

Zach Choi Biography is a South Korean-American mookabung ASMR YouTuber.


Zach is considered to be the best mookabung ever, as his huge growth can be seen since the year 2019. 


Zach was born in Baltimore, Maryland, the United States on 27 Aug 1986. He currently lives in Los Angeles, California, United States.


Zach Choi ASMR

Name Zach Choi ASMR
Nationality  United States 
Occupation South Korean-American mookabung ASMR YouTuber
Years active 20014 – present
Created On 4 Jul 2014 
Video count 575+ videos
Subscribers 11M+ subscribers 
Total views 1.7billion+ views
Achievements Silver, golden and diamond play button from YouTube


Top Questions: 


#1. Is Zach Choi adopted? 

Yes, he was adopted by a South Korean family from South Korea.


#2. Does Zach Choi have a girlfriend? 

He has not disclosed his relationship status at the moment.


#3 Is Zach Choi Korean?

He has Korean-American citizenship 


Interesting facts 

  • Zach once teams up with Benny Blanco.
  • His favorite soda is Sprite, which Zach drinks in most of his videos.
  • He hates pickles.
  • Zach has had plastic surgery, having a nose job and two eye jobs.
  • He successfully competes in the 100 Nugget Challenge.




Home He has his own house in
Los Angeles, California, United States
Car and bike Yet to be updated
Trips Asian countries including China and Vietnam, and in European countries such as France, Germany and Italy.
Celebrity meetings Yet to be updated


Zach Choi Biodata

Personal information

Name Zach Choi
Nickname Zach
Profession Korean-American mookabung ASMR YouTuber
Famous for As Korean-American mookabung ASMR YouTuber
Birthday Date 27 Aug 1986
Born place Baltimore, Maryland, United States

Zach Choi Age

34 years as 2020
Zodiac sign Virago
Hometown Los Angeles
Current city Los Angeles
Marital status Single
Nationality South Korean-American
Religion Christian
Languages English and Spanish


Zach Choi Family& Their Professions


Father Yet to be updated
Mother Yet to be updated
Sibling Yet to be updated


Physical Stats

Height 5 feet and 9 inches
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Dark brown


Qualifications & Education

School Yet to be updated
College Yet to be updated
Qualification Yet to be updated
Skills Content creating


Favorite Things

Favorite actors Takeshi Kaneshiro and  Andy Lau
Favorite actress Zhang Ziyi
Favorite color Black and olive-green
Favorite movie House of the Flying Daggers, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Memoirs of a Geisha.
Favorite songs Yet to be updated
Favorite food Hot Cheetos, Chicken and Mozzarella Corn Dogs
Favorite YouTuber Yet to be updated
Favorite singer Yet to be updated
Favorite pet animal Cat
Favorite comedian Yet to be updated
Favorite hobbies travelling and cooking food
Favorite destination European countries and  Italy
Favorite Social Media Apps YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook


Career & Struggles 


Early Life 


Before he began his career as a YouTuber, he worked in a restaurant as a waiter when he moved to Los Angeles.




After that, he became a fashion blogger, he created a website named “Native to Nowhere”, on this website, and he used to upload various fashion styles and trends. As he ran the website he also did modeling. 


On 5th July 2014, he started the channel titled ‘Zach Choi ASMR’. He has uploaded ASMR and Mukbang contents on his channel.


Growing Period


In 2018 he was uploaded his first video on YouTube titled “ASMR Eating Duck Fat French Fries (NO TALKING).” And his most popular video is “MOST POPULAR FOOD FOR ASMR (KFC, ONION RINGS, MOZZARELLA CORN DOG, CHICKEN NUGGETS) NO TALKING.” it has over 23 million views.


Sometimes he posts some videos with her friends Benny Blanco, Nikocado Avocado & Trisha Paytas. 


All of his videos are without sound, except sounds from his chewing, he also remains quiet when doing collaborations with other YouTubers


Days of Happiness


Currently, he has over 11 million subscribers to his YouTube channel. 


Zach Choi net worth


From YouTube channel “Zach Choi ASMR” 

According to the, Zach Choi’s overall net worth is $ 4 Million.


Approximate monthly  income  $ 89.9K- $ 489K
Approximate yearly  income   $ 638K – $ 3.83M 


Trolling/ controversy: 


Previously he made videos with other well-known mukbangers , called Nikocado Avocado and Stephanie so, but there was what is known among them as “a drama” because there were cases of harassment from Nick to Stephanie. Zach was not very into this issue but in a text message Zach told Nick to leave Stephanie alone or they could contact their attorneys to report Nick.


After some time these mukbangers again collaborate.


Interview and events 


Zach Choi has given many interviews on social media like Trollbang, MissMangoButt and MitchellReacts.


Social Media Profiles

Social Media Platform Links Fan Following

Zach Choi YouTube:  11M+ subscribers

Instagram:        13.5K+ followers



Facebook:  400K+ followers

Twitter:  900K+ followers

Zach Choi details:




Address Yet to be updated
Contact Number

Yet to be updated


Final Words 


Zach Choi wiki is a popular Korean-American YouTuber and food blogger. His different style of video content and He does the videos without speaking, or known as “NO TALKING”.


ASMR Zach Choi is a talented and hard worker content creator. He earns millions of subscribers all over the world. He makes his career bright. 


 He is a motivation for us and many popular brands and YouTube channel wants to collaborate with ASMR Zach Choi.


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